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Flipping the Classroom!

1. The traditional model – the teacher’s role is to “give lessons” and “set homework”

Common Problems: students learn at different pacesthey miss important pieces of information, even though they were “present”when absent – they miss critical lessons (sick, sports)some have homework glitches e.g. “forgot” how to do it from classthey have no time to practice (on their own) in classin class, some students “get it”, some “nearly get it” and some “don’t get it’.

2. The flipped Classroom Model - teacher’s role is to “reinforce” learning

Recognised Benefits: with online video tutorials and interactive exercises students can pause, rewind and re-watch lessons, truly learning at their own pacedoing the “homework” in class gives teachers a much better insight into each student’s learning style and (importantly) those having difficultyteacher can discuss and review the previous night’s lessons with the class allowing all students to construct meaning and understandingteacher can use this approach to create a “learning together” ethos – where they all participate and help each other to learnteacher will then select the next set of lessons to be learned at home.


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