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Dr. Pratik Shukla has been conducting both academic and industrial research since 2004 and is now actively conducting research in the field of laser material processing of metals, polymers, advanced ceramics to improve the functional properties of such materals to  enable improved functionality. His research interests and expertise are wide and varied and span from laser asisted manufacturing, laser physics, materials science,and process modelling.  


He also serves on the boards of several international academic journals as a frequent reviewer. His main fields of expertise and active research are:

  • Laser Shock Peening (LSP) – of metals and alloys as well as difficult to process materials such as advaced ceramics. This research stream focuses on improving the properties of the aforementioned materials for particular applications in engineering, bio-medical nuclear, transportation and more as well as development of laser peening process as whole.

  • Strenthening Advanced Ceramics with laser based processes which includes modifications and enhancement of the fracture toughness (KIc), and other mechanical properties, microstrutures and development of new mechanistic understanding;

  • Laser Beam Characterization - Improving the performance of industrial lasers through enhanced beam characteristics. 

  • Laser Beam Brightness (radiance) effects on material processing. Comparison of different lasers during processing metals, plastics, ceramics, composites and novel materials and enhancing laser system performance by altering laser design to control the brightness of lasers.

  • Laser sealing/welding of Polymers (simular and disimular materials, transmissive laser welding).

  • Laser Surface Treatment – Using both continuous wave (CW) lasers to preform processes such as laser cleaning, laser polishing , rust removal to improve surface properties of engineering materials.

  • Mechanical Shot Peening – micro-peening: strengthening of ceramics based cutting tools, dental implants and for bio-medical applications and process comparison with LSP and other peening techniques.

  • High Speed laser welding of thin sheets steels for food packaging industry (can manufacturing) and aluminium spacer bars - applicable for double glazed window separation;

  • Process Modelling – thermal and stress modelling of not only laser based processes but also mechanical shot peening techniques.

  • Characterization of Brittle Materials - effects of grinding, polishing, and surface preparation of ceramics on the surface properties and functionality.

  • Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structures (LIPSSs) - generating LIPSSs on ceramics to increase bio-compatibility, cell proliferation, improve frictional and wear properties.

Dr. Pratik Shukla is open to discuss new ideas and technology decelopment. If you are from industry, academia, or other institutions, please feel free to contact me if you wish to collaborate in any of the areas of the areas above.

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