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CPD - Laser Beam Characterization Training

It was great to receive training last week on the laser beam characterization equipment. This event does not only acts as a CPD, but also acts as an opportunity to enhance knowledge for delivering better laboratory sessions that will be focused on laser beam characterization techniques for my 353MAM materials module.

This is because there is large portion of the content focused on laser beam processing, thus, given to the fact that advanced manufacturing processes can be driven by laser technology, it is essential for students to know how to characterize effectively, various industrial lasers.

This equipment is called Beamage - M^2 and is the latest of the laser beam characterization equipment by Gentec.

This equipment and training provided will enable the module delivery team including myself as a module leader to make available for student learning the latest way to evaluate and characterize industrial lasers.

A Beamage-M2 set up ready conduct a measurement.


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