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CPD - Laser Applications in the Nuclear Industry

It was great to attend a recent event held on the 6th of June 2019, focused on the Applications of Lasers in the Nuclear Industry held by the Association of Industrial Lasers Users (AILU).

Over the past two decades, AILU has supported industrial laser technology by various industries. Processes namely: Laser cutting; welding; and surfacing treatments common industrial processes. This is so because laser technology has the ability to perform automated, high quality and high throughput that is often located in difficult to access high hazard sites. When it comes to the nuclear sector, lasers are not very common, however, many examples can be found such as fabrication and sealing of containers. The Worshop will cover the challenges faced by nuclear decommissioning and the opportunities for the laser users within the nuclear sector.

This was a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop. It provided an overview of laser technology in the nuclear sector, with a focus on a range of emerging applications; including, size reduction, decontamination and fabrication applicable to manufacturing, maintenance and decommissioning processes. The knowledge gained from this event will contribute towards teaching activities in this area where I can inform the students of teh above topics in a new energing and in-demand field.

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