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CPD: "Complexity and Creativity"

This session took place on Feb 19th 3-4pm GMT Facilitators: David Cormier, Tobias Revell

This session was focused on bringing creative thinking skills such as fluency, flexibility, originality, elaboration to our teaching. Creative thinking in students can be developed through focused efforts on the part of teachers and by apply instructional strategies that will develop and nurture the creative thinking of students. Students should be able to grow past me and my approach should be that. Example of lean six-sigma, your trying to save time and trying to save money. Education has become that way however, it is not in reality the same. Education is such that accountable and there are many parts of teaching/education that are un-accounted for, such as: learning outcomes (can’t be measured in the same was as measuring time and money). Marking is so called measurable, however, if you get 10 people in one room and ask them to mark one paper then we get 10 different answers.


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