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Research Seminar: University of Malta

I am visiting the University of Malta (Malta) this week to attend a research seminar and give an invited talk on Peening Metals and Ceramics by Laser Induced Shock-waves. It was a great pleasure to present my recent findings to an enthusiastic audience at the Department of Metallugy and Materials at the University. Many thanks for Dr Ann Zammit for the invitation and arranging the trip. The seminar is in relation to a broader project on laser peening ausempered ductile iron which is lead by Dr Ann Zammit and in collaboration with Coventry University and CSIR (South Africa), so the seminar also acted as an impact activity for some of the research output from that work. 

This trip also strengthens an existing collaboration ongoing since the past 4 year and acted as a mean to make further plans and continue the collaborations between Malta and Coventry Universities in order to increase engagement and the research output. 

Dr Ann Zammit, presenting on Laser Peening of Austempered Ductile Iron. 

Luana Bonicci presenting her findings on hardness and residual stress on LSP austempered ductile iron. 

My talk on Peening Metals and Ceramics with Laser-induced Shock Waves. 

Talking about the key research topics I am currently active on. 

Department of Metallugy and Materials Engineering at the University of Malta. 

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