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Medical Laser Peening

It was nice to see Xiaojun Shen's article feature in the latest issue of the Laser User Magazine. He is a PhD scholar at Coventry University undertaking a PhD in mechanical and biological effects of laser peening titanium alloys for medical applications. The article focues on some of his resersch data and experimental work as well as the current state of the reserch topic.

Together I have worked with him to establish these effects on a new titanium alloy for peening to understand the effects both at biological and mechanical level and built a relationship with both types of properies so the process can be made feasible for implementation.  

The work has received encouraging review stating that it is excellent and has great significance.

At present Xiaojun is undertaking the final leg of his experimental work with collaborators in Vellore Insitution of Technology (VIT) as visiting resesrcher. Exciting times ahead fom him!

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