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New Paper: Shock-wave Induced Compressive Stress on Alumina Ceramics by Laser Peening

Please to have this paper published in the Material & Design journal. The paper is entitled “Shock- Wave Induced Compressive Stress on Alumina Ceramics by Laser Peening”.

This paper establishes a new mechanistic understanding of laser peening ceramics such as Alumina with the use of Cr3+ fluorescence spectra to map both the onset of residual stress and dislocation densities as result of the peening process. This is beyond the norm when compared to the standard incremental hole drilling and X-Ray techniques.

The papers highlight the following and we believe it will be instrumental in igniting future research on the topic of peening ceramics with energy beams such as a laser like it has done from the past papers on this topic.

  1. Local plastic deformation in ceramics can be created laser shock peening (LSP).

  2. LSP of Al2O3 Ceramics was applied at 19.9; 29.85 and 33.83 GW/cm2.

  3. Net compressive stress ranged from 104 to 168 MPa using above laser intensities.

  4. Dislocation density averaged 2.1x1013 and peaked to 2.0x1014 1/m2 at 29.85 GW/cm2.

During the process of publishing this, the paper received a very good feedback from the revisers and was accepted under 24 hours post submitting a detailed response after the first round of reviews. Further work on laser shock peening ceramics is underway to explore the next avenue on this topic.

The graphical Abstract is shown below with its reference and a link to access the paper.

Shukla, P., Crooks, R., Wu. H., Shock-wave induced Compressive Stress in Alumina ceramics by Laser Shock, Material and Design, Accepted on 18th January 2019, In Press.

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