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New Journal Paper Published on Laser Shock Peening Graphene dispersed Aluminium Nanocomposites!

Congratulations to the leading author Subramaniyan Prabhakaran from Vellore Institution of Technology, Tamil Nadu for publishing his research paper on “Strengthening mechanisms of graphene reinforced aluminum alloy nanocomposites modified via low energy laser shock peening” in the journal Surfaces and Interfaces. This is an in-dept piece of work covering a depth of material characterization and laser processing of a new materials that is not readily laser shock peened.


This is the abstract:

The present work has important implications for the use of graphene as reinforcement and interlocking the grains in nanocomposites. In order to achieve this, low energy laser shock peening (LSP) assessed on graphene (0.4 wt %) - AA 7075 nanocomposites fabricated through powder metallurgy (PM) technique and hot extrusion (28:1 extrusion ratio). As a consequence, substantial improvement in microstructure observed for the nanocomposites up to 400 µm depth. The added graphene serves the pinning effect and blocks the grain growth in the nanocomposites. LSP contribute the additional grain refinement effectively along interlocking the grains by graphene called pinned dislocation core in the nanocomposites leading to large deformation texture strengthening. Addition of graphene found to have improved in the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) by 42.93 %, LSP has contributed 10.66 %.

Keywords: Graphene, Laser Shock Peening (LSP), Nanocomposites, Texture, Dislocation

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