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Second Issue, Vol. 1 of “International Journal of Peening Science and Technology”.

After much grafting, it again brings a real satisfaction to have compiled the 2nd Issue (Vol 1) of the International Journal of Peening Science and Technology. This will be published online by the end of Novmeber 2018. The Journal is focused on wide range of peening techniques for strengthening conventional and new materials from theoretical aspects to application-dependent studies and the validation of emerging science and technologies.

This second Issue comprises of articles focused on finite element analysis of multiple laser shock peening of square spots, improving surface properties of titanium alloys for both mechanical and biological property enhancement, as well as laser cleaning of automotive brake disc.

All the papers in this Issue demonstrate the background science and material effects that the processes exhibit. These papers are novel and have been submitted by renowned researchers in the field. As editor-in-chief, Dr. Shukla would like to thank the Editorial Board members at every stage of the journal’s development, the invited reviewers who provided invaluable reviews for the submitted manuscripts. In particular, many thanks to the authors of the submitted papers as well as the staff of Old City Publishing for providing the guidance and support. The endeavour to improve the quality of this journal continues!

The scope of this journal is broad, if you would like to Submit to the Journal on any of your peening related research then please feel free to email me on

Cover page comprising of papers to be published in this Issue.

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