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Cambridge Summit 2018, attendace and participation!

It was a busy start to the year already! On 4th January 2018, Dr Pratik Shukla and colleague Dr. Subhasisa Nath, Xiaojun Shen from Coventry University and Osama Alkhawaldeh (Loughborough University) attended and presented at the “Advances in Science, Engineering and Technology" at Cambridge Summit 2018 (University of Cambridge).

This Conference provided a platform for defining, introducing, and presenting novel methodologies for responsibly addressing the pressing contemporary set problems and methodologies. Conference Website:

The conference was organised by VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India and hosted at the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Pratik Shukla chaired a session on Laser Shock Processing and also gave an invited talk focused on the recent advances in laser peening of ceramics. Dr. Subhasisa Nath delivered a talk on Laser Shock Peening of hastelloy-x superalloy, whilst Xiaojun Shen presented his latest findings focused on orthopedic Ti-6Al-7Nb. Osama Alkhawaldeh, presented his findings on micromachining of metals by combined effects of dual laser beams and shock pressure. Other invited talk was delivered by prof. S. Kalainathan from VIT University, Vellore, focused on metallographic and mechanical properties of medium carbon steel by laser shock peening without coating.

The session was very fruitful and resulted to healthy discussions, exchange of ideas and constructive feedback for all.

Xiaojun Shen (far right), Dr.Pratik Shukla, Dr. Shubhasisa Nath, Osama Alkhawaldeh (far left).

Dr. Shukla and prof. S.Kalainathan (VIT University Vellore)

Post presentation discussion.

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