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7th International Conference on Laser Peening & Related Phenomina (LSP2018) Organised!

It is a pleasure to announce the 7th International conference in Laser Peening and Related Phenomena (LSP2018). The event will be held from 17th June to 22nd June 2018 in Singapore. It is organized by Prof. Michael Fitzpatrick and the team from Coventry University and Prof. Minghui Hong from National University of Singapore (Singapore).

The conference has a single session approach and is ideal for networking, technical discussion based around laser peening related phenomena, including materials response and the development of laser technology related to the process. The conference will be held on the engineering campus of the National University of Singapore.

Singapore provides cultural attractions, sightseeing, great places for dining. There are range of amenities for delegates and partners. Transport is provided for participants to the conference hotels, along with planned events around the conference, including a river cruise tour, networking events, and technical visits.

Attendees will range from students to leaders from both industry and academia with invited talks and poster presentations.

Please visit the conference website on the following page for further information:

Abstract submissions are now open on the following link for authors and presenters:

For additional inquiries, please contact the Conference Secretariat at

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