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Dr Pratik Shukla returns from a fantastic conference in South Africa!

Dr Pratik Shukla, in November 2016, attended the 6th International conference in Laser Peening (LSP) and related phenomena in South Africa (6th to 11th November). The conference generally occurs every 15 to 18 months and attracts experts from various parts of the world. Delegates attended from various LSP centres around the world, namely: South Africa, USA, Japan, France, China, Germany, and Mexico just to mention a few, from both academic and industry. Dr Shukla was pleased to meet some of his collborators. He then presented a talk on Laser Shock Peening of Bullet Proof Armour Ceramics and received some very good response. Some of the feedback stated that it is extremely challenging to surface and bulk engineer materials such as ceramics but this type of work is very novel and has a great scope for further research,

particularly with an industrial application in mind which could in the end make a difference to someone using it!

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