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Dr Shukla obtained his Ph.D. in laser processing at Loughborough University. He is a chartered engineer (CEng) with the institution of mechanical engineers, and has over 18 years of experience in laser material processing and related phenomena. He has an international academic experience and industrial background in laser material processing and manufacturing engineering. Before commencing his PhD, he worked as a manufacturing engineer in aerospace/industrial turbine blade manufacturing and has held various academic positions in UK and abroad before commencing at Coventry University as a senior lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering and currently at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Ansty Park, Coventry, as a Senior Research Engineer in Laser Processing. He has published widely in laser processing and is also an editor-in-chief of the new "International Journal of Peening Science and Technology" and a Founding Director of Bright-Beams Ltd. He holds a keen interest in application of industrial lasers, laser technology in general, manufacturing engineering, materials science, and advanced ceramics in particular.

My Research & Related Activities

Laser Peening of Ceramics without Coating

Laser Peening of Silicon Nitride ceramics without coating

Laser shock drilling of fe-rich rock

Laser shock peening of Alumina Armour Ceramics - first step study.

Installtion and testing the laser beam energy.

Laser Peening of Alumina Armour Ceramics with black-ink Coating

Laser Shock Peening of Stainless Steel

Laser shock peening of Ti-6Al-7Nb Orthopaedic-grade Titanium Alloy

7th International Conference on Laser Peening and Related Phenomena (LSP 2018) in Singapore (July 2018)

A quick shot to record the laser beam foot-print during Laser inatallation.

Laser Peening Zirconia Ceramics

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